The largest polycarbonate sheet company in Egypt 2024

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The largest and cheapest imported polycarbonate sheet company “Silver Company” with all its raw materials and its three types: solid, zigzag and hollow. Our dear customer, we are pleased to offer you the best practical alternative to glass. Contact us to know the latest offers and services.

 ? What are these polycarbonate sheets characterized by

At Silver Company, we have these panels that are characterized by durability and hardness compared to glass panels that break as soon as they are exposed to any light and simple shock.

It is an excellent alternative to glass and all other types of plastics. It can be used in various special engineering applications, all insulation works, and so on. Imported polycarbonate is used in many fields, such as:

جميع انواع الواح بولي كربونيت
All kinds of polycarbonate sheets
  • Binding the windows of houses, companies, villas and palaces as a good alternative to glass.
  • Skylight made in different forms of domes, pyramids and umbrellas.
  • Covering playgrounds and swimming pools, allowing for some privacy and safety.
  • Greenhouses and agricultural greenhouses.
  • Hospitals, companies, offices and banks in dividing rooms as an alternative to walls.
  • Manufacture of home and office furniture as an alternative to glass.
  • Make different decorations in homes, offices and companies because its wonderful colors attract everyone’s attention.
اسعار الواح بولي كربونيت
Polycarbonate sheet prices

The cheapest manufacturer of polycarbonate sheets 2024

Our company is considered the best polycarbonate company in Egypt and the Middle East for several important reasons, the most important of which are:

  • Our prices are suitable for everyone, and cannot be compared to the prices of the internal and external markets.
  • Our raw materials are no different, despite our low prices.
  • The supply and installation service that we do, we are proud of that because we are considered the leading company in the field of supplying and installing polycarbonate sheets in Egypt and the Middle East.
  • Specialization, as we are a company specialized in designing, supplying and installing polycarbonate panels in all places: airports, companies, hotels, administrative buildings, swimming pools, and others.
  • We have specialists in this field with very high experience and competence.
Import of polycarbonate sheets
Import polycarbonate sheets

Supply of polycarbonate sheets 2024

The company installs and supplies polycarbonate of all kinds (hollow, solid, and corrugated), which is used in binding the interior windows of houses, villas, and palaces, and in covering lighting lanterns.

And football fields and swimming pools, even now it is used in the manufacture of lighting fixtures because it is easy to form under high temperatures, and in the implementation of wonderful decorations inside homes, offices, companies, and others.

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Polycarbonate companies

Importing polycarbonate sheets 2024

The company brings imported polycarbonate with highly transparent raw materials and in a variety of sizes, colors and countless shapes. We are also the largest import company among the countries of the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Our products are of international quality, so the company has obtained many international certificates in the field of installing and importing polycarbonate sheets.

We provide our customers with a variety of high quality and efficient services through which they can find different solutions for all types of businesses.

Praise be to God, we are distinguished by a group of the largest and most efficient specialists in the installation of polycarbonate sheets, as they have been trained in the latest international installations and the work of major contracting.

That is why you can find us from the best polycarbonate companies in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa.

Import of polycarbonate sheets 2019
Importing polycarbonate sheets 2024`

Why are we the best polycarbonate companies in Egypt 2024

Silver offers all its valued customers polycarbonate sheets (solid-hollow) that are not affected by weather and fires, as they It is treated with a layer of (UV) material by a specialized team with long experience.

Our products comply with the international ISO certificate and the required international standard specifications, and this is what distinguishes Silver the largest polycarbonate company in Egypt.

Polycarbonate panels are used in windows, gates, and iron fences, covering searchlights, and covering swimming pools for villas and palaces, because of their unique and beautiful shape, and they protect children in swimming pools.

It is also used in gardens with wooden screens and in separating offices of companies and hospitals. Polycarbonate has recently entered this decoration business because it is unbreakable and easy to form at high temperatures.

And it is available in multiple colors, so each customer can choose the appropriate color for him, and our prices are of course very reasonable when compared to the prices of other materials, such as acrylic, for example.

Therefore, the demand for polycarbonate has increased in Egypt recently, after customers knew its efficiency and high quality.

Silver polycarbonate sheet company in Egypt offers all its customers:

  1. Polycarbonate sheets of all types, hollow and solid, in all shapes, sizes and different thicknesses.
  2. All polycarbonate colors are available in the company; Transparent, blue, orange, red,…etc.
  3. The corrugated polycarbonate that is used in truss works in different shapes and colors, and in all sizes.
  4. We have polycarbonate sheets with two floors of colors that can be implemented according to the desire of each customer.
  5. We have polycarbonate sheets that are used for thermal insulation.
  6. The company is able to implement any quantity, whatever its size, in the lengths and shapes required for any customer at any time.

Properties of Polycarbonate 2024

polycarbonate sheets are made of a flexible material that is easy to form, and through which light can pass, and it has many advantages The most important and most prominent of these features is comes:

  • Polycarbonate is characterized by its high transparency to light, and this is a result of the thickness of the board, and there are non-transparent types.
  • The flexibility and unbreakability of the panels is completely opposite to glass and acrylic, as it withstands any shock, no matter how strong it is.
  • Not being affected by different weather factors.
  • The availability of many colors, unlike the rest of the materials, so each customer can choose the color that suits the decor of his home or company.
  • Its color stability, so with a little care it can last a lifetime.
  • Light in weight, yet very strong, withstands shocks and has high durability.
  • Its uses are innumerable, the most important of which are covering the roofs of swimming pools, tennis and football courts, covering agricultural greenhouses, binding the gates of villas, houses and palaces, insulating electrical panels … etc.
  • Each design can be controlled easily because the polycarbonate panels are flexible, so it is possible to obtain different shapes of the utmost beauty.

Silver, as the best among polycarbonate companies, is keen to provide it in all its forms:

  • Solid polycarbonate sheets, with either a rough or granular texture, and this type is used in binding the windows of houses, villas and palaces.
  • The hollow polycarbonate sheets have two floors or more, and are available in different shapes.
  • Curved polycarbonate, and this type is used in truss work.
  • Transparent plastic sheets, an alternative to glass, also available in multiple colors.

Polycarbonate sheet prices 2024

polycarbonate prices differ from one company to another, for example Silver Company is the best polycarbonate company in Egypt Polycarbonate sheets at very reasonable prices despite the quality and efficiency of the raw materials.

This is for a simple reason, which is the company’s keenness to satisfy its customers and meet their desire to obtain excellent raw materials at a reasonable price; Therefore, you will find the demand for Silver in Egypt unusual and increasing significantly.

If you want to install polycarbonate to cover your house’s swimming pool, or to cover gates or windows, or otherwise, at reasonable prices, deal with the Silver company to find the cheapest polycarbonate prices in Egypt.

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